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Become a Legal Translator in ONLY 10 months.

Learn to translate legal texts, Grammar, Analysis and Spelling (including English tenses, punctuation, parts of speech, and spelling)

Description of the Translation Program

The purpose of our program is to give students an excellent understanding of the economics, contemporary society and political organization of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, as those are countries where English is spoken, as well as courses in the fundamentals of politics, economics, international affairs, and comprehensive courses in translation technique.

The students will also receive the tools necessary to successfully pass the Sworn Translation Test provided by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala; i.e., grammar analysis, both in English and Spanish, and spelling and grammar rules, all this in a ten-month period.g

Program Contents

First Term (February-June):
Translation I: Translation Technique, Free Translation (literary and journalistic texts), Technical translation (business, finance, international organizations).
Gramática y Ortografía: Reglas ortográficas y de puntuación; Análisis sintáctico, semántico y morfológico de la oración.
International Affairs: International Trade, Globalisation and Multinationals, Treaties; Political Organisation of the United States, the UK and Canada.

Second Term (July-November)
Translation II: Legal texts.
Grammar, Analysis and Spelling: English tenses, punctuation, parts of speech, and spelling.
Introduction to Law



Students who passed the Translation Exam have said:

"I chose Oxford because the program covered everything that I needed to know in order to be a Sworn Translator. In ten months, I was prepared for a career that exceeded my expectations."
- Stephanie, Business Manager and Sworn Translator
"...Learning was direct and concrete. At the beginning I had my doubts regarding the cost of the course; however, by the end, I knew that it was definitely worth it."
- Wendy, Bilingual Secretary and Sworn Translator
"The results of the Translation Program were that I have been frequently hired by a pharmaceutical company to translate pharmaceutical certificates..."
- Oscar, Chemical Engineer and Sworn Translator

"The course was great as in ten months I was able to learn everything I needed to pass the exam at the Ministry of Education, without further studies. The program is very comprehensive, and I am very satisfied for having taken it. "
- Lissette, Business Manager and Sworn Translator