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For the best experience in language learning, interact with small groups of people (an average of 4-8 students) at your language level. Build confidence using the language for real life situations through group activities, social role-playing, and interaction designed to help students learn naturally and efficiently. Group classes offer rapid progress and the best opportunity to learn the chosen language while reducing your fear of using the language in social and professional situations.

Go one-on-one with a highly trained native-speaking professional teacher. Advance at your own pace and schedule while receiving 100% of the teacher‘s attention. With private classes you can direct the pace and focus of the class as you choose, concentrating on the areas of greatest difficulty for you. Private class schedules are flexible, providing the adaptability needed for today‘s busy student or professional.

If you enjoy interacting with other students but want a more flexible and personalized class then bring a friend or two and study together. Semi-private classes offer many of the benefits of private classes - like greater control over the pace of your class and a high level of student-teacher interaction - with the added advantage of the support of other students to encourage and reinforce your own language learning. Semi-private classes may contain 2 or 3 students.