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Kids and Teens

A safe and friendly educational environment for any time of the day.

The best time to learn languages is when you are young and the architecture of your brain is literally organized around language acquisition. Biologically speaking, children and teenagers are more receptive to new ideas and information, and by enrolling your child in language classes early you dramatically increase his or her ability to learn a new language and speak it with ease and confidence.

Oxford Kids and Teens is a group of specially designed courses for children and teenagers to get a head start learning a new language. In our carefully planned classes, we are able to provide an environment which encourages your child to learn naturally through activities, games and exercises. This type of method provides context for the students, which has been proven to be one of the most effective techniques to learn a new language quickly and comprehensively. We strive to ensure that our classes are always fun, challenging, and mentally stimulating, encouraging students to use and improve their new language skills.

Depending on your needs, we offer a range of different options. Group classes provide a well rounded learning experience where children experience all aspects of the new language. These classes provide a chance for your child to socialize with others while helping to reduce fear of using the language in social situations. If your child needs something more specific, you can take advantage of our tutoring classes. These are private or semi-private classes focusing on specific areas, such as homework from school or writing practice, and the classes move at the speed best suited to the needs of the individual student. We also offer seasonal courses for school vacations which include a wide range of activities and give you, the parent, some much needed time off.

We offer flexible schedules and can adapt the courses to your specific needs so we can provide you and your child with the most complete language learning package available. We know what an important step learning a new language is for the future of your children and family and we're excited to offer as much support and encouragement as possible.
Group Classes: English
  • Classes designed to build fluency in the English language, with a special focus on grammar and vocabulary skills. The class are made to be interesting and entertaining as well as challenging.
  • Small class sizes mean your children get lots of teacher attention
  • Oxford Language Center specializes in teaching English; our resources, teachers, and experience are unmatched. We are the best choice for building your child’s English


Individual Classes
  • Individual classes are ideal for students who need to make rapid progress because they are behind or those who are ahead and are aiming for a particular goal
  • Individual classes result in great progress because they are focussed by the teacher on the areas the student needs to improve on
  • Students answer more questions and have more opportunity to ask questions and consequently cover more material because the teacher is dealing only with them not with other students
  • Perfect if your child is behind or wants to enter an American school but hasn't passes the entrance exam yet. Our children’s teachers are highly experienced and trained in child education.