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Oxford Courses

Oxford accepts students of all ages and interests, so courses can sometimes be very personalized.  However, there are a few general courses offered, one of which are what most students enroll in.  Most adults and businesses use Face 2 Face.  Many teenagers come to prepare for college entrance exams, so Oxford offers both TOEFL preparation classes and SAT prep courses, including mathematics.  For children, OLC has a series of books called Primary Colours.  Lastly, Oxford has a conversation-only course called "Conversation Corner."

Face 2 Face

If there is a core curriculum at Oxford, then Face 2 Face is it.  The series has books suited to all levels of English (Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Advanced) and OLC, of course, offers courses at all of these levels.  For each level, students receive a Student Book and a Workbook, the student book being for classroom activities and the workbook for homework assignments.  In addition to these texts, Oxford teachers share a couple of teachers' guides for each Face 2 Face level, and the guides provide lesson plans and additional class materials.  At OLC, we generally offer our students four-month courses, in which time they are to complete one level, i.e. beginner or elementary, etc.  Each teacher is expected to keep up with his/her class's progress to ensure timely completion for the student (This requires an average of about two pages in the Student Book for every hour of class time and one page of Workbook homework for every hour taught).  

The basics of the Face 2 Face books are that they offer exercises for a variety of skills each chapter, with each chapter addressing the same skills set but adding a new twist, such that the students' abilities are continually reinforced and expanded.  The workbook supplies practice exercises that just about directly match the tasks approached in the classroom text. In addition to the daily ho-hum of student books and workbooks, OLC asks that teachers administer periodic quizzes and tests every so often, and especially and specifically the "Progress Test," which is scheduled at regular intervals.  These tests, of course, give the students a sense of achievement and completion, as well as allow teachers to review any blatant problem areas.  Obviously, teachers should feel free and encouraged to bring in supplementary material to assist in the students overall absorption of English, with particular regard to the lessons and tasks at hand.


After Face 2 Face, Oxford probably most services students preparing to take entrance exams for university, especially in The United States.  

The TOEFL test is required for all non-native English speakers who wish to go to an English-speaking university.  The TOEFL  examination covers the four basic areas of discourse, namely reading, listening, speaking, and writing.  For this preparation course, OLC uses Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test as our text.  The book includes sections focusing on the four tested areas, as well as skill-building sections that address things like grammar and note-taking.  It also has several practice tests.  Generally, students are also concerned about their vocabulary level, so in addition to the text, teachers usually instigate some sort of vocabulary development program for their TOEFL classes.     

Unlike the TOEFL test, the SAT is U.S. specific and is required of all university-bound students, including the natives.  The exam consists of multiple sections of reading and writing, as well as mathematics, all which Oxford addresses.  (Fear not, math is taught as a separate course.)   The text for this class is Barron's How to Prepare for the SAT, which obviously provides relevant and plentiful exercises in all the areas of interest.  Like TOEFL students, most SAT students are also quite concerned about vocabulary, so OLC also supplies a vocabulary book that is suited specifically to words common to SAT requirement.  Of course, there are also many additional resources in the school and online from which teachers can obtain worksheets for various grammar issues and so on.

*The math portion of the SAT covers areas from basic arithmetic (not so basic on the test) to trigonometry and advanced algebra.  SAT Math, taught as a class in and of itself, uses both Barron's How to Prepare for the SAT and Barron's Math Workbook for the New SAT.  In this class, students first cover specified areas of the Workbook then take "quizzes" in the corresponding areas of How to Prepare.  After each chapter, i.e. basic arithmetic or algebra or geometry, students are given the math section of the SAT to monitor their improvement and denote their particular areas of concern.  Obviously, math class is only taught by teachers who are interested in and capable of instructing it.

Conversation Corner

Conversation Corner is a course focused on strictly speaking, free of textbooks or the rigors of academia.  OLC has a suggestive website on how the class can be conducted, but teachers are encouraged to come up with their own plans and utilize their own interests and abilities.  Basically, the class consists of a group of students coming in and having a slightly guided and mediated conversation, the teacher's presence simply to quell any grammatical or lexical concerns and keep the discourse stimulating and balanced.  These classes occur two to four times a week, at the close of the day (6:30-8:00), and are geared for adult learners of an intermediate or higher level.

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