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Teachers in Spanish Class - Oxford Language Center
Work Opportunities at Oxford Language Center

Oxford Language Center is a multicultural academy that has been providing language services for almost a decade in various locations in Guatemala such as  Guatemala City, Cobán Alta Verapaz, and La Antigua . We focus on small group classes in which students can have the chance to ask questions and practice the language not only with their teacher but also with each other. We strive to create a sense of belonging in each of our classrooms and encourage our teachers to share their culture with students. We are a diverse team working with a clear vision of language-integration and the teachers we‘re looking for are those with a genuine interest in language.

If you are a young, enthusiastic, native english speaking teacher looking for the adventure of a lifetime, Oxford Language Center has a great opportunity for you! Our school offers great opportunities for those wishing to travel and experience the beauty Central American has to offer. We offer teacher training, both to help those who are new to teaching develop their skills and to introduce experienced teachers to techniques that can expand their classroom repertoire.  Acquire skills in teaching a variety of students and different levels, as well as receiving training to teach preparation for the TOEFL, SAT, TOEIC, ELASH exams. In addition, we offer free Spanish classes for all our teachers, whether they need a basic introduction or even an advanced conversation class.

Things you might like to know about Guatemala...

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala - Oxford Language CenterFor potential teachers who currently live outside of Guatemala, we have compiled some information to help you orient yourself when you arrive. For information about Guatemala, click here. For information about Guatemala City, click here. For information about Coban, click here.

Things you might like to know about Oxford...

Oxford prides itself on providing the best courses in
Guatemala using the best materials available. To read about our courses from a teacher's perspective, click here. But it's not just great courses that make Oxford, it's great teachers. So, there are certain expectations that we have of our teachers. To read about these, click here.
Oxford Teachers dressed in traje

Our Commitment

Oxford Language Center aims to operate according to high standards of fairness, transparency and honesty.

We at Oxford...

know Oxford Language Center:
- Are familiar with Oxford Methods and Materials and use them in an exemplary fashion.
- Know the Oxford Mission and Vision and are committed to fulfilling it.
- Are knowledgeable concerning the staff and teachers’ role and the policies, guidelines and responsibilities governing it.

enforce its rules and policies:
- Are knowledgeable concerning Oxford policies and are committed to enforcing them.
- Intervene and take action with fellow staff members or students only when necessary, and always on the basis of specific rule or policy violations.

are committed:
- Contribute what we can, when we can.
- Finish what we start.
- Fulfill our job description in a professional and timely manner.
- Maintain perspective, making people and relationships our first priority.

exhibit professionalism:
- Hold students, teachers, staff members and ourselves to a high standard.
- Contribute to and protect the professional and welcoming environment of Oxford.
- Work in accordance with the Oxford professional guidelines, on site and off.
- Stay up-to-date on Oxford and the industry, and continuously improve ourselves, the school and the industry. What we learn we share freely.
- Maintain integrity and impartiality.
- Remove ourselves from situations involving conflict of interest.
- Refuse to accept advantages over co-workers in unfair terms.
- Respect and protect information that is confidential to the school, or confidential to the other teachers or program managers.