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For the best experience in language learning, interact with small groups of people (an average of 4-8 students) at your language level. Build confidence using English for real life situations through group activities, social role-playing, and interaction designed to help students learn naturally and efficiently. Group classes offer rapid progress and the best opportunity to learn the chosen language while reducing your fear of using the language in social and professional situations.


Go one-on-one with a highly trained native-speaking professional teacher. Advance at your own pace and schedule while receiving 100% of the teacher‘s attention. With private classes you can direct the pace and focus of the class as you choose, concentrating on the areas of greatest difficulty for you. Private class schedules are flexible, providing the adaptability needed for today‘s busy student or professional.


If you enjoy interacting with other students but want a more flexible and personalized class then bring a friend or two and study together. Semi-private classes offer many of the benefits of private classes - like greater control over the pace of your class and a high level of student-teacher interaction - with the added advantage of the support of other students to encourage and reinforce your own language learning. Semi-private classes may contain 2 or 3 students.
Sworn Translation Courses

Obtain a highly paid occupation in Guatemala by training to be a professional Spanish/English translator! Our translation program is designed to provide students with all the tools necessary to successfully pass the Sworn Translation Test given by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala. Oxford Language Center offers the fastest preparation courses in Central America: prepare for the Sworn Translation exam in just ten months!

The purpose of our program is to give students a solid grounding in English grammar and vocabulary, as well as knowledge of the geography, economics, contemporary society and politics of the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition, we provide courses in the fundamentals of politics, economics, and international affairs, covering a wide range of countries and policies, and comprehensive courses in translation technique. Students will work with original documents in both Spanish and English, working to ensure that they are confident producing translations to and from both languages.

Duration : Ten months, starting in January or July.
Schedule : Four hours per week.
-Translation Technique
-Free and Technical Translation
-Legal Translation
-International Affairs
-English and Spanish Grammar Analysis and Spelling

Kids & Teens

Want to give your kids a life skill during their free time or vacations? Our Kids & Teens courses will prepare them for their futures. For more information click here.


If you feel you‘ve tried everything to master a language and are frustrated with old methods and schools that teach only half of what you need to know to really use a language, then it‘s time you tried something new. Conversation Corner is a class designed for intermediate to advanced students who need to break through the barriers built around them by old methods and bad learning habits.

The idea behind Conversation Corner is simple, moving away from books and a strict syllabus to a more free-flowing dynamic, but ultimately it can be the most effective way for students to become completely comfortable speaking in a foreign language. By encouraging students to talk about subjects that interest them and to engage in more natural, unstructured conversations, Conversation Corner classes help students build confidence as they learn to use a language effectively to fully express themselves.

The Conversation Corner utilizes the most modern techniques in language learning in an environment that is designed to be both comfortable and stimulating. Each class takes on a new and interesting life of its own, by letting a conversation follow a natural progression you never know what you might be learning on any given day. Our native speaking teachers are trained to help lead class, encouraging student participation and correcting mistakes as the conversation progresses without disrupting the flow of the discussion.

We invite anyone to come into Oxford Language Center to sit-in on one of the Conversation Corner sessions for free. We are confident that you will like what you see, and will be excited to come back and participate in other sessions. Conversation Corner is new and different, and it might be just what you‘ve been looking for.

Exam Preparation

Oxford Language Center offers preparation courses for the TOEFL, ELASH, IELTS and SAT exams. All classes use exam-specific materials to help you prepare for the unique structure and subjects covered in each test. Please call us to discuss available classes or to arrange private instruction.

Business Courses

Oxford Language Center offers a contemporary, practical language course for professional adults. Our innovative, flexible class in Business English is designed to equip learners with the English they need to communicate in the workplace. Discussion topics reflect the context that professionals will encounter in their working lives, with an emphasis on understanding and speaking English in practical situations. The class focuses on key functional expressions and topic related vocabulary to improve not only general language skill but also to facilitate efficient, precise communication in a work environment.

Oxford Language Center also offers business courses with a more specialized content, with courses that can be industry specific, or even job specific. Contact us to discuss your business‘s own individual needs. Some of our specialized courses include:

  • Hotels, Hospitality, and Tourism
  • Banking and Finance
  • Medicine
  • Engineering (Mechanical or Electrical)
  • I.T.
  • Business and Commerce
  • Writing and Business Correspondence
  • Negotiations and Meetings

For more information click here.


Whether you want to enter an international university or prepare a business proposal, it is important to learn how to communicate and express yourself precisely in writing. Writing can often be the most difficult and frustrating task for non-native speakers, highlighting minor mistakes that can unintentionally obscure the meaning of your words. Our writing courses can be customized to your specific needs and language skills, focusing on the basics of essay writing or professional correspondence. Please call us to discuss your particular requirements.