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Club Holland – for pupils from 4 till 16 years old

Oxford language center offers a special program for children and young people between 4 and 16 years old who want to learn Dutch. We offer a challenging and playful curriculum to learn the language, based upon the 'Wereldschool Methode' (NT2) and a range of additional materials. We also pay a lot of attention to education of the Dutch culture through Dutch games, literature, songs and other extracurricular activities. Our Dutch program allows children of for example Dutch expatriates or development workers to keep developing their Dutch language skills, and to avoid falling behind their peers in the Netherlands. In addition, we can help children to develop their Dutch skills if it is their second or third language. Of course, we offer classes for children of all levels. Finally, you are invited to take part in the parents committee and to be closely involved with the development of the educational program and our extracurricular activities.

We have classes scheduled on Tuesday afternoon (3:30 – 5pm), Thursday afternoon (provided enough registrations), and Saturday morning (11:30 – 1:00pm)

Basic integration course for the Netherlands

Recently, the Dutch Government has changed the rules to gain citizenship in the Netherlands. This change in legislation has some consequences for Guatemalans who are interested in migrating to the Netherlands, for example to join their Dutch partner. In order to be able to file a request for your temporary residency, you will have to pass a 'Basic Integration Examination' which focuses both on knowledge of the Dutch culture, as well as on the Dutch language. This exam has to be taken at the Dutch embassy in the country of departure (Guatemala), before arrival in the Netherlands.

Starting this year, Oxford offers a specially adapted language and culture course, which will prepare you for this exam. The exact package that we can offer you will depend on your level of familiarity with the Dutch language, nation and culture. Please feel free to make an appointment for an intake interview, in which we will propose a tailored educational package based upon your specific skills and needs.

For more information about the Basic Integration Examination and the process of obtaining citizenship in the Netherlands, please visit www.ind.nl and www.inburgering.nl.
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