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Expand Corporate Solutions


Expand Corporate Services is dedicated to offering the highest level of professional services, and assisting clients to achieve their maximum level of efficiency and effectiveness in today’s global market. By offering high-quality training using the tailored, client-specific resources and professional development strategies, ECS aims to enhance its client’s skills, motivation, confidence, effectiveness and accountability required to succeed in their business and personal lives.

  • Offering a completely confidential, reliable, trustworthy service that exceeds client expectations and differentiates ECS from potential competitors in the market.
  • Developing and maintaining visibility amongst existing contacts and clients to generate new business leads.

  • Leveraging the large variety of skills at ECS’s disposal to increase existing business by continually developing innovative and interactive learning experiences, recruitment solutions and internal professional development programmes to maintain growth and create new revenue streams.

  • Developing and maintaining an environment that is unique, comfortable and conducive to learning (ECLS).

  • Attracting motivated clients by offering a truly unique and personalized experience (ECLS).

  • Creating strong, long-term partnerships with clients.

  • Maintaining a faculty of qualified, experienced international teachers dedicated to the development of our students.

  • Aligning our efforts with educators, clients and the larger community in order to realize the ECS mission.

  • The continual assessment of our students' progress, teachers' effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and each programs' overall success (ECLS).

  • Making the necessary changes, adjustments and new developments to meet our clients’ needs.

  • Ensure timely delivery of recruitment services and transparent communication between all parties (EES).

Expand Corporate Solutions is a Phnom Penh based organisation that provides consultation, training and professional services into the private, non-profit and public sector. Following a tumultuous economic crisis that resulted in numerous job losses and business closures, the ASEAN region is leading the world in the recovery process. With foreign development and outside investment burgeoning in Phnom Penh, the need for improved internal processes and professional development at all levels of an organization is critical in order to increase investor, client and customer satisfaction. Many organisations in the region lack the internal training or development resources and the depth of knowledge needed to focus on their business from a truly ‘international’ perspective. Both lead to lowered expectations both internally and externally, lack of business and personal growth, high staff turnover and a higher client fallout rate.

ECS consists of three major lines of business: language services, internal human resource capacities and external recruitment services.