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English For Development

Our development courses are structured around a respected EFL textbook,
Face 2 Face, but provide the special component of classes designed to consider the needs of NGO volunteers, both local and foreign.  Throughout the course, around every fifth session, there are supplementary lessons centered around different development-themed topics, such as “community” and “customs”.

These bonus classes we offer are what make our program stand above the rest.  We’ve taken the time to find extra materials and specifically prepare lessons that will match the needs of our students.  With the development course, students will get a boost in their ability to talk about cultural issues, both here and away, and develop skills for interacting effectively with foreigners.

Because the courses were designed by Oxford, the extra classes are in sync with Face 2 Face,  reviewing the grammar, vocabulary, and other skills most recently covered.  Additionally, our supplementary lessons were created here in Guatemala for Guatemalan students and can be easily updated with current events, country-specific news, and still utilize the general outline of the course.  It keeps local language learners on top of the topics people want to talk about.

Actionable language! Our industry-specific course component allows students to put new language to use in the workplace as soon as they step out of the class.

Manageable time commitment!  3 hours per week of class time. Enough time for learning without distracting students from work performance.

Level specific! Classes are grouped according to ability so we can provide the best instruction possible for each individual.

Review sessions! These ensure that students master and reinforce the knowledge they’ve gained, and that no-one falls behind.

International English! English is international, not simply British or American. We prepare you to communicate no matter who you talk to, no matter the accent or terminology.

Measureable progress! We provide regular reports that indicate at a glance the progress of each student